Virtual clinical research firm Thread acquired by two private equity firms


Yesterday, private equity firms Water Street Health Partners and JLL Partners announced that they had acquired virtual clinical research firm Thread for an undisclosed amount. The new owners say they plan to invest in Thread to further expand its customer base and offer the platform globally.

Thread’s platform aims to improve clinical trial research data and facilitate registration. Throughout the platform, researchers can collect data remotely, including at a participant’s home instead of bringing the patient to the investigator’s site. The platform allows researchers to send consent forms and engagement tools to users. It also supports telehealth visits, data capture, and medical device connections.

“Thread’s platform is highly regarded for its user-centric design, flexibility, ease of use and extensive functionality,” said Mark A. Goldberg, the company’s new executive chairman, in a communicated. “By working with our customers, we have the exciting opportunity to advance the next generation of clinical trials to accelerate product development and innovation. “


The pharmaceutical world is increasingly turning to digital technologies which were touted as a way to facilitate data collection and boost patient engagement.

Several research organizations are looking for ways to combine the world of digital health with that of biopharmaceuticals.

“With the convergences of life sciences and digital health, we are already seeing exceptional opportunities to transform patient care and drug discovery,” said Kendalle Burlin O’Connell, COO at MassBio. MobiHealthNews in July. “We knew that the integration of digital in the life sciences was happening, and we knew that there were other industries that were doing it. [and] do it better. So if we wanted to stay on top, we had to have a strategic look at what needs to be done. “


Mergers and acquisitions are becoming commonplace in the world of digital health. In fact, last year MobiHealthNews reported 56 mergers and acquisitions and, according to Rock health Mergers and Acquisitions are the most popular outlet for digital health companies.

Like this acquisition, there have been a few other companies acquired by private equity firms. Often, a private equity acquisition is more akin to a large-scale investment in the business, as opposed to a strategic acquisition, which typically involves a combination or integration of technologies, products or services.

During the first part of 2019, a private equity firm acquired Qualcomm Life. Johnson & Johnson also sold its LifeScan business, which sells the OneTouch line of connected and unconnected blood glucose meters, to Platinum Actions.


“JLL and Water Street are the ideal partners for Thread to accelerate our strategic expansion and solutions for our customers. Their expertise and life science resources will allow us to grow in a thoughtful way that will benefit all of our clients, ”said Jeff Frazier, Founder and CEO of Thread, in a statement.

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