The Armenian army will have a DSI and a research company


Photo: Press Service of the Armenian Ministry of Defense

Yerevan / Mediamax /. Armenian Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan spoke about the prospects of creating a research company within the Armenian Armed Forces.

In the maintenance with, the minister declared that “we have registered a notable progress recently in several directions of the military industry”.

“The most positive fact that I see in the military industry is the involvement of young people. Each program has young scientists, people who come with great enthusiasm to build something new on the basis of tradition and potential. I believe it can become the basis of a research company in the future, which will allow us to exclusively involve young talented scientists in the military industry.

Much has been said about a possible limitation of the entry of young people into science due to the abolition of the postponement of military service. I said that this would lead to exactly the opposite, because at the same time we would introduce mechanisms to allow young people to become more actively involved in science. We have a clear overview of all of these mechanisms. It is under development and we are doing everything we can to have it installed by the summer project, ”Sargsyan said.

Vigen Sargsyan also announced that “special attention will be paid to the introduction of automated management systems and information technology in the armed forces”.

“To this end, we are forming the Institute of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and his office, which will manage the digitization of the entire system: from providing military police stations with more efficient tools for data processing to accounting, storage management, working with staff and interim resources, etc. Vigen Sargsyan said.


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