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Here is a summary of scientific news briefs.

US FAA Finds No Blue Origin Safety Issues After Review

The United States Federal Aviation Administration said on Friday it had found no safety concerns after investigating allegations against Blue Origin’s manned space flight program. The FAA announced in September that it would review safety concerns raised by former Blue Origin employees. The FAA said on Friday it was closing its investigation after finding “no specific safety concerns” and taking no action against billionaire Jeff Bezos’ space company.

Poor staff vaccination linked to COVID deaths in retirement homes; an experimental vaccine targets several coronaviruses

The following is a summary of some recent studies on COVID-19. They include research that warrants further study to corroborate the results and that has not yet been peer-certified. Staff vaccination rates linked to COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes

TV host Michael Strahan and Alan Shepard’s daughter ready for Blue Origin launch

After the trail left by “Star Trek” actor William Shatner to boldly go where few celebrities have gone before, two more guests of honor at Jeff Bezos’ space tourism firm, Blue Origin, are ready to go. take a free ride to the last border. The company’s New Shepard rocket is scheduled to take off from Texas at 8:45 a.m. Central time (2:45 p.m. GMT) on Saturday, with American television personality and retired NFL star Michael Strahan attached alongside the eldest daughter of the late pioneer astronaut Alan Shepard.

With the help of a laboratory, whiskey distillers avoid aging in oak barrels. What does it taste like?

In a small laboratory in Silicon Valley, California, Martin Janousek and Stu Aaron make whiskey. There are no oak barrels stacked from floor to ceiling. In fact, there is almost no wood at all. Instead, they use syringes, beakers, and flasks to find a more sustainable way to distill whiskey.

Footprints in Spain show carnivorous dinosaurs were fast and furious

It is almost not fair. The carnivorous dinosaurs were armed with menacing teeth inside muscular jaws, brandished dangerous claws on their hands and feet, and boasted of a keen sight and smell. And, as new research confirms, some were pretty quick as well. Two fossilized footprints from the Cretaceous period discovered around 120 million years ago in the La Rioja region of northern Spain show that the medium-sized carnivorous dinosaur species that made them could run to around 45 km / h, scientists said on Thursday.

Japanese researchers use ostrich cells to make illuminated COVID-19 detection masks

Japanese researchers have developed masks that use ostrich antibodies to detect COVID-19 by glowing under ultraviolet light. The discovery of Yasuhiro Tsukamoto and his team at Kyoto Prefectural University in western Japan could allow low-cost home testing of the virus, they said in a press release.

Pioneer astronaut Alan Shepard’s daughter prepares for space flight Blue Origin

The eldest daughter of pioneering American astronaut Alan Shepard is set to fly to the edge of space aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin commercial rocket on Saturday, 60 years after the famous NASA suborbital flight of his late father at the dawn of the space age. Laura Shepard Churchley, 74, who was a schoolgirl when her father first entered space, is one of six people scheduled to take off at 8.45am Central Time (2.45pm GMT) from the launch site of Blue Origin outside the rural town of Van, West Texas. Horn.

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