Stephanie Chiyangwa to launch clinical research company in Zimbabwe – Report Focus


Enterprising businesswoman and medical research expert, Stephanie Chiyangwa is on the way to becoming one of the first black African women to launch a clinical research organization. Octomed Clinical Research which is a subsidiary of the umbrella company Octomed.

Speaking to Report Focus News, she said: “We are excited about the progress we have made in launching a clinical research company in Africa, it has been a long and difficult journey to get there. where we are. Three years of careful planning and meticulous work, but our work is not yet finished, we are on our way to showing that African diseases can be cured by Africans.

Octomed Clinical Research will bring together all of the company’s data collection work required for clinical research. The new company will be based out of 2 sites in Harare and Johannesburg and will oversee the recruitment and consistent application of clinical study research protocols, and will primarily focus on diseases that affect black Africans as well as those of Asian descent. .

Stephanie Chiyangwa has extensive experience in managing academic and clinical research projects, which has enabled her to work with the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. She oversaw and managed projects from conception to the stage of four clinical trials.


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