Russia says it is ready to design and equip high-security medical laboratories for CIS countries – society & culture


MOSCOW, December 28. / TASS /. Russia has the expertise to help CIS countries design and equip high biosafety laboratories, the head of Russia’s health watchdog Anna Popova said on Tuesday.

“On the basis of our own experience, we are ready to assist in the design, construction, equipment and training of personnel of research centers with high-level biosafety laboratories and the development of research programs” , she told an informal leaders’ meeting. member states of the CIS. “We know and are able to create such installations, in particular taking into account the need to ensure all the conditions of biological safety and the technological independence of their operation.”

Popova said that Russia, acting on the orders of the president, had devised an initiative called the Health Shield which aims to strengthen and modernize the entire health and epidemiological surveillance system, including laboratory infrastructure. It stipulates the development of international cooperation with the aim of creating a single “health shield” in the CIS area.

“In fact, this work is already underway in the areas of joint research, training, laboratory equipment,” Popova said. A common health shield should be based on a powerful independent infrastructure comprising laboratories, research centers, health and quarantine checkpoints operating under a single coordinate system, she said.


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