Plans put forward for Bradfield’s first building


The first building to be constructed in Sydney’s future third CBD in Bradfield has had its plans filed by the Western Parkland City Authority.

The advanced manufacturing research center, designed by Hassell alongside cultural design and research company Dijnjama, will become a shared space for government, research institutes and the entire industry to develop products and conduct extensive research in a number of areas including defense, space and construction.

The building’s design opens it up to the public, with many manufacturing processes that can be seen by spectators. A central spine also serves as an event space and will remain open to the public. The idea that the building is a place for women in the land of Dharug is explored through the ideas of water and fluidity and the soft edges of the building.

A Hassell statement in the planning documents says the building will be made up of a number of prefabricated modular components, giving it the flexibility to expand almost at will.

“It (the research center) has the ability to expand in the future, even to self-replicate by using the advanced fabrication hall to build its own mechanical fasteners used to tie the structure together,” says the communicated.

“At the end of the building’s life, it can be easily dismantled, moved to a new site.

Hassell goes on to say that the collaborative effort with Djinjama has enabled the building to recognize the surrounding landscape and the history of the Dharug people. This recognition comes in the form of the building’s columns, which are reminiscent of the trees that surround it. The roof will also feature a sort of canopy, which will capture water for a number of plantations.

“The design shows what a high-tech, shared-use hub will look like,” New South Wales Minister for West Sydney Stuart Ayres said.

“The first building will house advanced shared-use manufacturing equipment for research institutes and partners to translate ideas into products to be manufactured in Western Parkland City. Visitors will see that it is a place of advancement, collaboration and learning.

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility will be given a name of Dharug prior to its opening. It is expected that the building will be completed by the end of 2023.

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