New Quality Matters White Paper: “Course Design Considerations for Inclusion and Representation”


In a new white paper from Quality Matters, “Course Design Considerations for Inclusion and Representation“, the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion are explained in detail, based on research that shows the importance of incorporating these elements into online course design and the inconvenience many learners experience when they are not present.

Several inclusive course design models are described, including Universal Design for Learning, to ensure access to learning for all learners; Inclusive Design Thinking, which centers the design process on the needs of the learner; and Morrison, Ross and Kemp’s instructional design model which includes nine basic elements to be implemented in a cyclical fashion.

Strategies for applying the psycho-socio-cultural framework, which supports the redistribution of power in the learning space, validation theory and engagement practices that emancipate learners from systems and barriers that may impede their success are shared .

To download the white paper today.

If you have any questions about the above or Quality Matters in general, please contact Sam Day, Instructional Designer with UIC Extended Campus, at [email protected]


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