Manufacturers Leverage AR / VR for Training, Maintenance, Design, and Production


Manufacturers Leverage AR / VR for Training, Maintenance, Design, and Production

Mountain View, California – November 2, 2021 – GridRaster Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based extended reality (XR) platforms that power augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) / la High-performance and scalable mixed reality (MR) for enterprises, today announced the highlights of its latest study on how organizations are implementing mixed reality technologies for their organizations.

The implementation of mixed reality technologies continues to grow among businesses, and according to GridRaster’s latest online survey of over 250 respondents, a growing number of businesses are starting to see efficiencies and reductions. costs. Forty-one percent of organizations now report having implemented some form of AR / VR in their strategy, and 81% report either having plans to implement it within the next year or starting to research the potential that this could have on their business.

Sixty-seven percent of organizations say they need AR / VR technologies to facilitate AR-assisted virtual maintenance and customer service visits; 63% said they need employee training programs in AR / VR; 60% said they are looking for remote collaboration through mixed reality technologies.

These figures are reinforced by a recent report by research firm IDC, which showed that 51% of respondents1 in their recent study, said their company has already seen a measurable return on their investment when it comes to using AR for employee training and knowledge transfer.

Thirty percent of business leaders say they’ve started seeing big gains in overall manufacturing output due to their AR / VR implementations, and 30% said they’re starting to see minor gains. In terms of realizing savings, 30% said they started seeing noticeable cost reductions in the past 12 months.

The gains are up from a year ago, when 15% of companies reported productivity increases and 10% of companies said they saw noticeable cost reductions from their AR / VR implementations.

“Currently in 2021, AR / VR along with Mixed Reality and Extended Reality technologies are having a significant impact on businesses and manufacturers in multiple ways,” said Rishi Ranjan, CEO of GridRaster. “As software becomes more widely available and organizations implement virtual solutions with hardware costs that continue to drop, companies across industries will integrate and deploy these technologies into their day-to-day operations for increased productivity and reduction. overall costs. “

About GridRaster Inc.

GridRaster is a leading provider of cloud-based XR platforms that deliver compelling, high-quality AR / VR / MR experiences on mobile devices for businesses. The company works with automotive, aerospace and defense, and technology manufacturers to launch and scale AR / VR / MR solutions. The company uses a cloud-based approach leveraging distributed edge computing, low latency remote rendering, 3D artificial intelligence (AI), and DevSecOps-based agile deployment to help customers overcome challenges. performance, scalability, and legacy project limitations.

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