“Favorable environment” for the self-employed envisaged


KARACHI: The government will provide an enabling environment for the self-employed to empower the self-employment industry in the country by providing them with opportunities to contribute as equal partners to the economy, a memorandum of understanding said.

The deal was made between the government’s Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) and the Pakistan Freelance Association (PAFLA), aimed at making Pakistan a leading catalyst and market for self-employment by facilitating business conduct, capacity building, mentoring and a broad base of technology jobs in all corners of the country to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Through this collaboration, STZA aims to jointly organize and organize youth-focused awareness sessions, workshops and training programs with PAFLA for Youth, establishing a brand presence in academia by appointing university students as brand ambassadors.

The MoU states that primary qualitative research would be conducted, including interviews, surveys and questionnaires, to help STZA create a strong framework for identifying gaps and challenges in the country’s freelance community.

According to STZA, Pakistan has experienced remarkable growth in self-employment in recent years with the current market of “over one million people” working in various specialist fields. The collaboration is envisioned to provide an enabling environment for the freelance industry in the country where the freelance workforce is treated as equal partners and contributors to the economy.


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