Environment, key to vaccination to protect children against diseases: government


Jakarta (ANTARA) – The strength of protecting children from disease depends on healthy and safe environmental conditions as well as vaccination, government spokesperson for COVID-19 Reisa Broto Asmoro has said.

“No matter what, children need protection,” she stressed on a virtual health show on Monday.

“We can give it to them and it comes from their surrounding family and environment, as well as through full immunization of children,” she added.

Children are among the most vulnerable groups to COVID-19. Indeed, COVID-19 vaccines can only be given to children over the age of six, she advised.

“In the meantime, for children under the age of six, they cannot yet receive vaccines against COVID-19 because they are still in the research phase,” she noted.

This makes their situation more serious due to the presence of other dangerous diseases. Therefore, basic vaccination has become important to protect not only adults, but also children.

Additionally, this vulnerability can be addressed by having children undergo basic vaccination at the nearest health facility, Asmoro said.

The government is currently organizing National Childhood Immunization Month (BIAN) 2022 as part of an effort to accelerate the expansion of childhood immunization coverage in Indonesia, she explained.

To optimize health protection, parents should ensure that every child receives not only basic vaccination, but also routine and complete vaccination.

She said she expects all family members to receive full and booster vaccinations. Indeed, it would make the children’s environment more secure.

Additionally, people should continue to follow health protocols, such as wearing masks, around children to stem possible SARS-CoV-2 infection.

To this end, Asmoro said she expects all people to take their children to the nearest health facility for vaccination and understand that stronger protection is needed for children in the face of various virus.

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