Design work proposals to revamp Ringwood Market Square


A PROPOSAL to fund design work for a notional redesign of Ringwood’s historic Market Square has been lobbied.

Research conducted for the Ringwood Neighborhood Plan (RNP) project showed that residents and businesses would like to see the town’s Market Square used for more events and entertainment.

Following this, proposals have been put forward which would see the area become more pedestrian and cycle friendly and to allow restaurants and bars to ‘spread out’ into the space.

Planners are now seeking help to fund a design study to advance the concept of a ‘thriving market‘, requiring funds of up to £20,000.

Market Square, Ringwood

The concept was discussed at all levels of the local council and received verbal support, as well as being added to Ringwood Council’s list of projects.

All agreed that a “shared space” in Market Square, if well designed and implemented, would create opportunities to increase footfall and business in the city center, and make Market Square a destination for visitors.

The proposals stated: “By restoring Market Square as the true heart of the city, it would also create opportunities to direct visitors to other parts of the city and the green spaces that Ringwood benefits from.

“This is an opportunity to demonstrate a clear vision of our historic marketplace to the people of Ringwood, not just in words, but also as a visualization of what the future could be like.”

Bournemouth Echo: Market Square, Ringwood, circa 1970Market Square, Ringwood, circa 1970

“The team spoke to a representative from PJA Consultancy who specialize in motion planning and street and urban design and have a proven track record of delivering designs that have been implemented across the country.

“This study will be delivered in two parts. On the one hand, a study that defines the principles and objectives and on the other hand, the elaboration of design options. Design options will consider active travel and the movement of not only traffic, but also pedestrians and cyclists. »

The space has hosted the town’s weekly market for over 900 years, beginning in 1226 when King Henry III granted the lord of the manor the right to hold a market at Ringwood on Wednesdays.


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