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CORBIN – City officials are making a concerted effort to attract retail businesses to Corbin town, as at Monday’s special meeting, commissioners unanimously approved Mayor Suzie Razmus to sign all documents with the Retail Strategies company.

“This is an organization that comes to your city and analyzes different things to attract retail,” said city manager Marlon Sams, who said Retail Strategies contacted city officials for the first time. times in June.

On its website, Retail Strategies says its goal is to “provide the real estate expertise, tools and human effort that position deserving cities as attractive locations for national businesses.” The company boasts of partnering with industry leaders in research and analysis, and deploying real estate professionals in cities to identify key real estate assets within communities, as well. than other services.

Following the market analysis, Retail Strategies will present its findings in a 70+ page presentation that will include the city’s unique data points, strategic and underutilized real estate assets, retailers that match the community’s market and Moreover.

The six-month, $ 13,000 consulting deal between the two sides would also see Sams, Mayor Razmus and Corbin Tourism Director and Downtown Director Maggy Monhollen attend a one-day academy in Birmingham, Alabama, February 3. Sams said the money received through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) could be used to cover expenses.

“Basically what the academy does, it pulls in information, data about your city and the types of businesses that can be recruited so that you don’t go looking for someone you can never get,” he said. said Monhollen, who added that from a downtown perspective, the addition of retail would help connect already established restaurants and entertainment and keep downtown visitors in the area longer.

“I think it’s important for us,” commented Razmus. “We need to keep the momentum going for the city of Corbin. We don’t want to lose any of our momentum because of COVID and that means being proactive.”

Later in the meeting, the commission approved a new lease extension with the General Services Administration (GSA) for the use of the city’s courtroom for bankruptcy court. The Board of Commissioners previously approved a deal with the GSA at its June meeting, extending courtroom use from February 2022 to January 2024. However, at Monday’s meeting, City Clerk Tori Mouser said GSA officials have contacted the city.

“[They] said we didn’t have to, because we had already done a one-time lease renewal, “she explained.” To correct that, they want us to do a five-year lease, which we would give three years over the term of the lease. “

Mouser said the new deal would see the city make a firm commitment to lease the courtroom for two years, giving the city the option of opting for the final three years of the deal when the time comes. Corbin City collector Skye Estep said that when discussing the new deal with the GSA, she was told that if the commission did not agree to the new five-year deal, the deal recently approved this summer would be canceled.

The Council of Commissioners discussed alternative courtroom uses and whether there might be any options that also generate income. The GSA currently pays the city $ 665.85 per month to rent the space whether or not they use it this month. Officials said the GSA had not physically used the space for about two years. Without a concrete alternative idea from the group, the committee unanimously approved the new lease.

In other city affairs:

– Towards the end of its meeting, the committee met in executive session for almost 10 minutes without any formal action being taken. After a roll call to resume the meeting, Commissioner Allison Moore made a motion, which was approved unanimously, that Sams negotiate the purchase of real estate located at 402 E. Engineer Street.

-The commissioners approved Mayor Razmus to sign all documents relating to a memorandum of understanding and the granting of easement with the state transport cabinet for a project that will see improvements to the US 25W from KY 727 to KY 3041 (Corbin Bypass).

-The commission approved the first reading of Ordinance 2021-15, which names a spur recently added to the city’s road network, Commonwealth Spur. The spur, located between Sonic and AT&T near north Corbin, was integrated into the city’s road network in October.

-The commissioners approved the second reading of the ordinance n ° 2021-14, which had modified the old ordinances of the city linking the position of application of the city code to its role of building inspector. The city wants to separate the two positions. Mike Watkins was approved as the city’s new code enforcement officer at last month’s meeting.


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