Coinbase exec predicts these things for 2022 and research firm says…


During the last days of the year, many will write down their goals and guesses? One might ask, is this true? Well, yes, that’s true. In the crypto world, the end of the year means it’s time for next year’s predictions. At Coinbase, Chief Product Officer Surojit Chatterjee has made 10 predictions for Web3 and the crypto economy in 2022.

Meanwhile, Arcane Research has also released its predictions for various crypto assets. Now it’s time to see if the guesses match.

Yes, you read that “write”

While Chatterjee was optimistic about Ethereum’s ability to scale, he guessed that rival L1 chains would experience “substantial growth” as well. He said,

“As more L1 networks gain traction and L2s get bigger, our industry will be desperate to improve the speed and usability of cross-L1 and L1-L2 bridges. We’re likely to see some exciting developments in the friendliness of bridges over the coming year.

Meanwhile, Arcane Research expressed a similar, albeit less optimistic sentiment about Ethereum. He noted that Solana, Avalanche, Terra Luna, Fantom, and Harmony steal Ethereum thunder. Additionally, according to the report,

“Adoption of layer 1s other than Ethereum will continue to increase and they will continue to outperform ETH.”

Arcane Research also declared Binance Coin to be the “winner of 2021”, thanks to its 1344% gain, putting it ahead of even Ethereum and Bitcoin in this aspect.

Will DeFi challenge?

Looking at DeFi, Chatterjee guessed that the coming year would bring broader participation. This, in turn, could eventually lead to more KYC requirements and products like DeFi insurance. When it comes to NFTs, the exec predicted that Creator Tokens, Fan Tokens, and NFT Identities would grow in popularity. He added,

“User-created metaverses will be the future of social media and will begin to threaten the centralized, ad-centric versions of social media today.”

Meanwhile, Arcane Research seemed to agree with Chatterjee’s guess that more brands would enter the metaverse. So, predicting,

“Traditional game companies will continue to explore ways to implement NFTs in games.”

Finally, Chatterjee seemed hopeful that Web2 companies would try to partake in the Web3 phenomenon and metaverse – even if they failed to decentralize.

The executive further suggested that DAOs could play a bigger role in the job market and pique the interest of regulators.

Is it time for pain… or for paintings?

It is important to note that millions of users in the crypto industry may be waiting for the launch of the CoinbaseNFT market in 2022. Well, how this will change the DeFi landscape is something that traders and creators are looking forward to. to attend.


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