Be thankful for the smart design of your eyes


Photo credit: James St. John, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons.

Happy Thanksgiving! In the midst of a never-ending pandemic, supply chain disruptions and now grocery store rationing, we can and always must give thanks. If you’re looking for one more thing to express your gratitude, look no further than… the eyes.

They were quite the sudden and unforeseen gift in the history of life. Charles Darwin expected the eyes to have developed from mere precursors through the usual (hypothetical) series of gradual steps. But during the Cambrian Explosion around 530 million years ago, we find clear evidence of both the compound (as in the trilobite pictured above) and camera eyes already used by some of the earliest creatures. animals from the fossil record. BOUM: There they are.

We take our own eyes for granted. However, our ability to interact with the world through vision – its beauty, its wonders, the information around us – is more than remarkable. At the same time, the eyes are an evolving icon, in two directions. In a powerful short video written and directed by Rachel Adams, we take a look at the scientific evidence surrounding the issue of eye evolution:

To manage and downgrade the exquisite sensitivity of our vision – the ability to detect a single photon – Darwinists claim that vertebrate eyes are built upside down, testifying to random evolutionary pathways. But as Discovery Institute biologist Jonathan Wells explains, evolutionists work with outdated science. It is not the proponents of identification, but entirely traditional research, which increasingly reveals the optimal design of our eyes.

Don’t let the truth about life and its origins lock in. If, like me, you are grateful for the courageous voices of Dr Wells and other scientists at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture, please take a moment to donate keep Evolution news – the daily voice of the smart design movement – strong in 2022!


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