A woman from PEI. helps design Team Canada’s uniform for the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony


A woman from Prince Edward Island played a role in the creation of the uniform worn by Team Canada during the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Chantelle Murnaghan, who now lives in British Columbia, works for Lululemon Athletica, a sportswear brand and Official Sportswear Partner of Team Canada

Murnaghan said the uniforms were a team effort and she loved seeing the athletes wearing them during the ceremony.

“Everyone was coming together,” Murnaghan told CBC Matt Rainnie during Main Street PEI

“It was the best experience. It was one of those things that everyone came together to make happen, and seeing it come to life was a really exciting moment, especially seeing it on the World Scene.”

Murnaghan is the company’s Vice President of Research and Sensation Science.

“My team’s role is to really support the product creation process,” she said. “Our role is to support the design and development team by working directly with the athletes, doing human analysis.”

Team Canada flag bearers Charles Hamelin and Marie-Philip Poulin. (Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

She and her team spent a lot of time with the athletes to learn what clothes made them comfortable. The process of creating the uniform took 18 months, she said.

“It was about doing tons of interviews and spending time with athletes to really understand their state of mind at those times, what they needed to feel at those times, what looked like the environment at those times,” she said.

“My team was doing human analyses. We did tests in our environmental chamber, simulating the conditions of the Beijing Opening Ceremony with athletes.”

Murnaghan earned a master’s degree at the University of British Columbia and hoped to work in academia. A two-year plan turned into 16.

“I stayed here and did my PhD and still planned to continue in academia, but I started consulting for Lululemon,” she said.

His plans to pursue an academic career changed when he was asked to post a position for the company. She wanted this job for herself, she said, and ended up getting it.


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